January 2013


January 21 2013
Magnolia_ Cupcakes

After months of waiting, Magnolia Bakery has finally opened in Doha! The famous bakery (thank you Carrie Bradshaw!) opened a branch in Dar Al Salam Mall in Abu Hamour. It’s a crazy far from where I live but considering that my friends and I would fly in their cupcakes from Dubai, being stuck in traffic [...]


January 20 2013

I went through a period in College of dressing like a punk rocker. It was extreme. I would rock to university in the morning with iron flat hair, smoky eye makeup, an arm full of spike bracelets and studded black belt. I felt at ease and myself  in that type of outfit but since my [...]


January 17 2013

It’s a windy week in Doha and it’s finally starting to feel like winter. It was exciting that I got to showcase my chunky sweater and coat collection. Anthony and I took advantage of the chilly evenings by taking a stroll at the esplanade one night or bundled up in a thick blanket watching a [...]


January 16 2013
Fashion Budget_Main

  This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post about my new fashion philosophy. It’s all great in theory but the question is: can you afford it? The answer is yes. It’s possible to live a fashionable life without hurting your wallet with proper budgeting. With my ridiculous spending habit it’s a relief that I can [...]


January 15 2013
Quality vs. Quantity

  One of my main goals for this year is managing my finances better. I took a hard look at expenses every month but I didn’t need to look at any reports to come to the conclusion that I spend most of my monthly income on clothes and shoes… I just needed to look at [...]


January 14 2013

It’s officially awards season kicking it off the with 70th Golden Globes awards.  It was an exciting line up in the movie and TV category and I am thrilled with the winners and the celebrities red carpet fashion choices. Celebrity delivered serious glamour from old Hollywood romantic side swept hair to body hugging gowns (hello [...]


January 13 2013
Double Chocolate Brownies_3

There’s something about cold weather that makes us succumb to some serious comfort food from a hearty casserole, cheesy pasta or an extra gooey grilled cheese sandwich. My craving for brownies kicked in last month and I can’t even remember the last time I had brownies but I was after this distinct and familiar taste [...]