We’ve only been in Rome for 2 days and the city had already brought us so many happy surprises. The hotel gave us a room with a wonderful terrace (the only one they have) and a bottle of wine as a honeymoon present. We’ve met up with good friends over dinner and drinks and have already sampled the best cappuccino and tiramisu (I have yet to find the best gelato in town, hit me up with recommendations!). My favorite part is getting lost and discovering little alleyways and to be taken aback by breathtaking sites that are tucked in the city. Here are some special moments so far. Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

Breakfast at our hotel room terrace

{Life is too short to drink cheap wine}

It’s truffle season!…Browsing through local goods in Campo di Fiori

Discovering little surpirses on the road around the Pantheon

Dining at one of our friend’s favorite restaurant in Trastevere (they’re ravioli is to die for)



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