Yes, I’m one of those people that LOVE excel and making lists

We’re heading to Italy for our much delayed honeymoon and the date of our departure coincedently marks our 3 months anniversary. It will be our first time in Italy and it’s signigicant to us since we decided this to be our dream honeymoon destination when we were still both single. I’m ready to soak up being married since I didn’t have time to process it fully having gone back to work after our wedding. This getaway is all about enjoying being newlyweds in the most romantic country in the world.

To prepare for our trip, I carefully edited my clothes because I hate loverpacking and well, it gives me a lot of space for new purchases. I packed versatile pieces that I could wear while sighseeing and jazz it up in time for a romantic dinner. The vibe I’m going for is light, breathable fun and romantic. Here’s a glimpse of my wadrobe choses and my anal method of packing.

Floaty white ‘Bride feel’ dresses

Breathable shirts in light colors



Bright colored pants brings life to a basic ensemble


Lots of bracelets, long necklaces and statement earrings



Long walk friendly sneakers


Summer sandals


Outfit for the plane ride: striped tshirt, comfy jeans, sweater and a military jacket



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