September 29 2013

T-shirt: American Vintage | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: Isabel Marant | Belt: Topshop (old)| Bag: Foley + Corinna | Watch: Zadig & Voltaire (similar) | Bracelet: Hermes

Do you know what color is Chartreuse? It’s the color between Big Bird’s yellow and Ghostbuster’s slime green ghost. In fact, I’m officially announcing it as the coolest color having found out that it is named after a French liqueur. I played around with the idea of using chartreuse for my wedding but quickly shook it off after realizing the amount of explaining I would have to do to the guys at Al Rawnaq store (a craft mecca in Doha) and to my florist. “Charcitrus what?!” I imagined.

Anyway, while passing in front of Topshop a few weeks ago, the only chartreuse color in the shop shined so bright, I was immediately hypnotized and grabbed the item. Thank goodness it wasn’t a bright leotard but a lovely midi skirt, I heard a ka-ching in my head! It was love at first sight. The fabric felt so nice and it falls naturally well on me, I’d also like to think that the color looks good on my olive skin tone. I wore it this weekend on the way to lunch and Anthony quickly commented, “Your skirt looks lovely, what color is it?”, my reply complete with a French accent “its chartreuse”.






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