September 22 2013
plaid shirt-3

Shirt: vintage | Tshirt: Theory (similar) | Jeans: Current and Elliott (similar)| Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Bag: Zara | Necklace: Anna Sui

My excitement for 90s grunge comeback is very well documented here and here, it’s starting to sound like a rant (we get it Karen!). It’s the first time though that I’m finally able to put it into practice with ‘the’ plaid shirt- yay! My determination to find a great vintage pair was put to the test when I stopped by all vintage stores in Queen Street Toronto to find the version I’m after: lumberjack type and has a loose fit. I was very excited to wear it, bypassing the spike in humidity last weekend and went with it (you have to make sacrifices in the name of fashion right?). In order not to suffocate, I cheated a bit and wore a tissue thin t-shirt and lightweight legging type jeans. I went simple with an all black ensemble including accessories and let the shirt do all the talking. This won’t be the last time you’ll see me wear this, I have a feeling it will be worn to death that will it have a new definition of vintage.

plaid shirt-6

plaid shirt-2

plaid shirt-4

Plaid Shirt-1

plaid shirt-5


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