August 21 2013
Cover-Landing Area

I can’t stand clutter especially in our house. I like to have a place for everything. In fact, I’ve been secretly annoyed by my husband for using the top of our bar cabinet as a dumping station for when he gets home. His wallet, phone, grocery raffle coupons and perfume were squatters on my pretty tray (which I had intended to ‘style’ since last year). I can’t really put the blame on him because I use our dining table as my landing spot. After months of trying to organize and getting into the habit of putting things away, I realized that the clutter keeps reoccurring. So instead of trying to fight it, I decided it’s time to evaluate our daily habits and created a landing area at home that works for us when entering and leaving the house.

We have a tiny apartment so my definition of area is not a room or a wall but a little spot for our stuff. The bar cabinet top has been transformed into our landing space. I used little containers to hold keys, wallets, iPod, loose change, etc and left space in the tray for larger items like sunglasses, papers, etc.

We also used a chair that we’ve put against the wall in a dead space to put my handbag, laptop bag and hang our blazers in an effort to clear our dining table with our stuff.

Given that Anthony and I moan every morning about not wanting to go to work (I mean who doesn’t), I created a cute vignette that puts a smile on our faces before we exit the house. This means flowers, a great smelling candle and my favorite, a jar that contains ‘His and Her’ dreams that we can open before leaving the house (embarrassingly not shown: a fart finger pens).

So far it’s been strangely calming having a nice little area greeting you before leaving the house and when we come home at the end of the day. I hope this will inspire you in creating a little nook in your lovely home.



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