March 2013


March 19 2013
Tokyo Buys

Back when Anthony and I were planning our itinerary, I had to convince him that I needed a minimum of a day and a half of shopping in Tokyo since that’s what it takes to get through a fraction of what Tokyo has to offer. There was major shopping damage done but was very happy [...]


March 18 2013

I’m the type of traveler that would eat and try everything I see whether it’s street food or a wonderfully displayed dessert on the window. One of my go-to snacks in Tokyo is the rice ball Onigiri from 7-eleven. They have different fillings but the labels are written in Japanese so my purchase is always an [...]


March 17 2013

I had a mission to shop in Tokyo. It was my chance to have great selection of clothes for my petite frame. I evaluated my closet and made a shopping list before I traveled and one of the things I wanted to incorporate in my rather muted wardrobe are prints and this is the ideal [...]


March 13 2013
tokyo street style

I can’t go about talking about Tokyo without highlighting Japanese street style. I mentioned here and here that fashion street style in Tokyo is just fascinating and inspiring. Everyone has a unique sense of style derived from either a certain subculture, anime character or devotion to big fashion brands. I decided halfway through my trip [...]


March 12 2013
tokyo taxi

Tokyo, Japan- megacity, neon-lights jungle, a city of balanced contradictions and home to the kindest people in the world. My love affair with Tokyo continuously strengthened with my recent trip. The city and the people never cease to amaze me, it’s easy to get hooked. It’s hard to pin point exactly what I love about [...]


March 11 2013

My last meal in Tokyo is by far the best and unforgettable dining experience of my life. In fact, I think going for a great meal on the last day of a trip should be a mandatory. Mine consisted of a nine-course meal wonderfully prepared by 2 stars Michelin chef Shigeyuki Sato. We met him [...]


March 10 2013

  Tokyo’s street style is a sight to see. Everybody is dressed to the nines and it was obvious that they use the street as their fashion catwalk. Despite the cold weather, you can see girls dressed in teeny skirts, knee high socks, platform heels and a coat that barely covered their bum. You can [...]