March 2013


March 7 2013

My week in Tokyo has been an incredible experience. I was very excited to go back and the city didn’t disappoint. In addition to all the wonderful sights we saw and restaurants we ate at, what fascinated me the most is how kind, polite, uplifting Japanese people are. The hospitality and the service in Tokyo [...]


March 6 2013

A tray in any form or size is the best home accessory you can have. It seems very domestic but it’s a simple way to beautifully display things in your home while keeping things organized. I’m an organization freak and clutter at home is my biggest pet peeve so a tray is my go-to solution [...]


March 5 2013

  Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence bagged yet another coveted honor by being the new face of Miss Dior. She joins fellow Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard and Natalie Portman as the iconic faces of the fashion house. Here she models Dior’s spring/summer 2013 handbags.  How breathtakingly elegant does she look at this simple clean backdrop photos? [...]


March 4 2013

Last January Anthony and I had planned to travel to Vietnam. We had our itinerary finalized and hotels selected. The day when we were supposed to buy our tickets, Anthony tempted me to watch a documentary about the best sushi in the world that’s located in the subway in Tokyo. YES PLEASE! ‘Jiro’s Dream of [...]


March 2 2013
Secret Garden_5

My first day in Japan reminded me why I hold this country very dear to my heart. I love everything about Tokyo. It has incomparable energy and magnetism that will leave you at awe from the neon-lit skyscrapers from the hounds of locals calmly charging to catch the next subway train. But what I love about [...]