My husband goes on business trips a lot ever since we started dating, I never failed to drop him off and pick him up from the airport and now that I started traveling for work as well, it quickly became our tradition. Being away from each other can be a good thing, you get some alone time and it gives you an opportunity miss each other. We make it a habit to give each other little surprises to show how much we missed each other and welcome their return by either downloading his/her favorite TV series to catch up on or simply coming home to a freshly made bed and a home cooked meal. This time, Anthony pulled several amazing surprises which really makes me the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband that know how to make me feel right at home. Here’s a sneak peek of his surprises for inspiration:

Banner he lovingly prepared and put up

Got to love a guy that knows your favorite flower

I discovered sweet messages around the house

He bought my favorite magazine and chocolate and placed it on my bedside table


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