Large Zara tote bag, Klipch headphones, passport holder, travel pouch, wallet, clear cosmetic case, slippers

I’m not a frequent flyer but I did travel quite a bit this year and have a pretty much solid routine when it comes to flying and what I pack inside my carry-on bag. Last week, I endured a dreadful 14-hour flight to Toronto and a 6-hour layover in Heathrow so before I left, I made sure that I had a well-equipped carry-on bag so I feel comfortable on my journey to far far away. I thought it would be an ideal time to offer some of my tips to flying better.

1. WHAT TO WEAR:  It’s tempting to wear comfortable sweats and sneakers on the plane but I think it’s important to look smart yet feel comfortable. My trick is layering since it’s the easiest way to adapt to varying temperatures on the plane. I have 4 key pieces: vest, light breathable sweater, blazer or jacket and a large scarf that can double as your blanket (I don’t use airport blankets anymore). I then wear my stretchiest pants and stay away from skinny denim as it causes bad circulation especially if you’re sat for however many hours. As for shoes, I wear a pair of boots that I can easily slip on and off and a thick socks underneath.

2. WHAT I PACK: I have a carry on luggage with me that has my tech stuff (laptop, camera,etc) and a change of clothes and underwear in case my luggage gets lost or if If I need fresh clothes in the middle of a long flight. You can see the content of my carry-on bag on the pictures below but what’s not pictured are the items I buy after I clear security which are: big bottle of water, gummy bears (I’ve had disasters with melted chocolates in my bag so I stay away from them), water-soluble magnesium citrate (it calms your nervous system and brings stress level down), magazine for light reading while waiting to board and chewing gum.

3. BEFORE TAKE OFF: Once I’m on the plane, I head straight to the bathroom to pee and freshen up. Once I’m all seated and comfortable, I take off my shoes and slip on my fluffy slippers and I take double dose of Echinacea to boost my immune system (planes are swimming with viruses) and drink a big glass of dissolved magnesium citrate. It’s tempting to start watching in-flight entertainment right away but I actually wait until we’re up in the air so I don’t get interrupted by stewardess announcements. I read that setting your watch to the time zone of your destination helps prepare you mentally and physically (I have yet to do this).

4. UP IN THE AIR: You hear this a lot but it’s really vital to stay hydrated hence I buy the biggest bottle I can find in duty-free.  I also apply sand sanitizer and moisturize my hands from time to time and spitz refreshing mist on my face. When I want to sleep, I put on my noise cancellation headphones and listen to my jazz playlist. I also calculate the number of hours I have to determine how many films I can watch and prioritize which one to watch first (it’s nerdy I know). Finally, I like to freshen up an hour before landing and change my clothes if necessary.

I’m sure in time, I’ll be a more efficient traveler and can manage to pack a week worth of clothes in a carry-on luggage. I’d love to hear your own tip and tricks to flying better.

Toiletries: Bliss tidy refreshing towel, Purell hand sanitizer, refreshing mist, hand lotion, tissues, Benefit pocket pal, mint, lip balm, rescue drop and pill box.

Travel pouch: Ipad, notebook, pen, Iphone, coin purse, hair tie, sunglasses

I keep my important travel documents in this handy passport holder from Mango. I pack a different wallet that contains my credit card, copy of I.D. and passport and some loose change.


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