June 2012


June 13 2012

When it comes to travel beauty, my approach is practicality and longevity. We’re gone for 2 weeks and traveling to 5 different cities, I packed my essential multipurpose items and long lasting makeup considering that our travel style is typically sighseeing the whole day and eating the whole day as well. Here’s a sneak peek of my travel makeup bag for a foolproof [...]


June 10 2012

We’re heading to Italy for our much delayed honeymoon and the date of our departure coincedently marks our 3 months anniversary. It will be our first time in Italy and it’s signigicant to us since we decided this to be our dream honeymoon destination when we were still both single. I’m ready to soak up being married since I didn’t have time to [...]


June 8 2012

I always said that I would die to go to a Madonna concert… well quite literally this happened last weekend. I jetted off to Dubai for the first time with two of my batty girlfriends for a fun weekend and of course watch the Queen of Pop rip the stage. The day of the concert we put on our Madonna [...]


June 2 2012

I’m fortunate that my job allows me to travel to international film festival such as Berlinale, and last week at Cannes Film Festival. It’s a lot of hard work but was balanced with good food & wine and great company.  I’m usually slumped on my laptop until late at night but I was able to [...]