June 27 2013

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to make cocktails. We have a well stocked bar to create an assortment of concoctions but I don’t know where to start and the idea of whipping out bar utensils seem a lot of work- it immediately puts me off. But I’m pretty determined to [...]


June 13 2013
Avocado Hummus_Cover

My ‘diet’ in Cannes and Spain  consisted of smoked ham, cheese, pasta, paella, champagne, wine, beer and repeat the next day. I came back feeling really sluggish, gross and with an expanded waist- I knew it was time to go on a detox. I’m opposed to any diet or eliminating food but I wanted to do this mainly [...]


June 6 2013
Wasabi Edamame_Cover

Edamame is my only healthy snack obsession. I usually cook a whole bag and finish it in one sitting; I especially love sprinkling my bowl of hot edamame with sea salt flakes- delicious. But other than eating them steamed, I don’t really know how else to incorporate edamame apart from a salad until I found [...]


April 30 2013
Banana Split_Cover

Breakfast is my favorite part of the weekend and I tend to go all out. My weekday morning ritual though involves just a bowl of cereal or a cereal bar if I’m running late. I have been looking for alternatives that doesn’t involve whipping out a pan or putting anything in a microwave and this [...]


April 16 2013
la varenne

I’m always on the lookout for a nice breakfast place in Doha and found a hidden gem on the 28th floor of Tornado Tower called La Varenne. My breakfast experience has been excellent and was intrigued by their lunch menu so I decided to go during the week to sample the food from Michelin star chef [...]


April 8 2013
Quinoa Fried Rice

I’m known to pack a few pounds after coming back from my holiday but do go back to my normal weight right as I ease in to my regular eating routine. It wasn’t the case this time around. I continued eating whatever I wanted after Japan and really abused of my supposedly ‘holiday freedom’. Reality [...]


April 2 2013
Cutini Cocktail

My *liking (*addiction) for alcoholic beverages is very much documented on my instagram page (kgines). I’m not an alcoholic but a harmless glass can definitely improve my day. I love the idea of coming home from work and unwinding down with a glass of aperitif and being married to a Frenchman means that a glass [...]