April 30 2013
Banana Split_Cover

Recipe via The Kitchn

Banana Split_1

Breakfast is my favorite part of the weekend and I tend to go all out. My weekday morning ritual though involves
just a bowl of cereal or a cereal bar if I’m running late. I have been looking for alternatives that
doesn’t involve whipping out a pan or putting anything in a microwave and this recipe is the answer to
my breakfast boredom. This breakfast banana split is fantastic since it’s easy to make, healthy, delicious
and makes you feel devilish by eating a ‘dessert’ for breakfast. I’m already thinking of ways to mix it up
by substituting blueberries with strawberries and crushed almonds with walnuts. You can also choose
to use flavored yogurt instead of the Greek version. It ‘s certainly something your kids will enjoy- who
wouldn’t want a banana split in the morning?

Banana Split_2

Banana Split_3


  • Anthony

    This is really easy to make, healthy and soooo good!!!