August 13 2013

Have you heard the news? The 90s is making a comeback! Has it even been that long to deserve a comeback? Well, I’m all for it. It brings back my fun teenage years memories including shows and music that I used to watch and listen too. In preparation for this feature, I re-watched movies/tv shows and looked back at the styles of some of my favorite fashion icons. Top of my list is obviously Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’, which sparked my love for mary-janes pumps and tartan skirt. Then there’s Liv Tyler in ‘Empire Records’ in her furry-cropped sweater, plaid mini skirt with lace-up boots. And of course let’s not forget Claire Danes in ‘My So Called Life’ and the beloved Keri Russell in ‘Felicity’ (do you still envy her curly hair?). See how to get their looks below.

If you are thinking of getting on board with this trend, I strongly suggest incorporating a trend into your daily outfit- don’t do an overkill! I love this season’s cropped tops, military style boots, floral dresses and anything that’s grunge. Trends that I’m praying won’t come back? Slap bracelets, really low baggy jeans, scrunchie and brown lipstick with lip liner outline

Let’s hear it from you? What 90s trend would you rock this season?

Get the look: 1. Blazer: Zara | 2. Shirt: Mango | 3. Skirt: Alicia + Olivia | 4. Knee-high socks: American Apparel | 5. Shoes: See by Chloe


Get the look: 1. Sweater: Topshop | 2. Bag: ASOS | 3. Shoes: Dr. Martens | 4. Skirt: Alice + Olivia


Get the look: 1. T-shirt: American Apparel | 2. Dress: Free People | 3. Shirt: Mango 4. Tights: Wolford | 5. Shoes: Zara


Get the look: 1. Jeans: Topshop | 2. Bag: Madewell |3. Sweater: J. Crew | 4. Socks: American Apparel | 5. Shoes: Converse |6. T-shirt: River Island



  • I gotta say - I’m digging the 90s comeback. Much better than the 80s. I’m a Clueless girl so I need to get on some long socks and more blazers!

    • Me too! I watched Clueless 3 times while doing ‘research’ for this post. Alice + Olivia’s current collection is a nod to Clueless if you’re looking for anything plaid