March 6 2013

A tray in any form or size is the best home accessory you can have. It seems very domestic but it’s a simple way to beautifully display things in your home while keeping things organized. I’m an organization freak and clutter at home is my biggest pet peeve so a tray is my go-to solution to keeping my home in order and they are great for every surface like coffee table, kitchen counter, nightstand, console table, and dining table. I use one in every corner of my house to keep kitchen condiments, makeup, toiletries, and my jewelry organized. It’s also used to style my coffee-table and as a landing strip to dump our everyday pocket items.

The best way to start styling your home with a tray is choosing a clean and simple one like a white lacquer or a lucite version. Next is to coral interesting objects around your house with different texture, shapes and sizes to create a visually exhibited look. It could be a vase with fresh flowers, frame, coffee-table books and little knick-knacks from your travels.

Here are some inspirations to help you start styling your home with a trusted tray. You can one purchase from West Elm,, CB2, Target, IKEA, Crate and Barrel, Jonathan Adler, John Lewis,Zara Home

Jewelry Display Tray copy






Center Table Collage copy


  • Anthony

    How come men can fit everything in 1 drawer and women need 10+ displays? Lol.