August 15 2013

- Shakti Gawain author of Living in the Light

Last week I found myself curled up under the hot shower bawling because of a bad day I’ve had. My overreaction was uncalled for but I knew it was result of built up emotions that is deeply rooted.

Life is a battle growing up. Things were not handed to me easily and had to go through so many obstacles, I sometimes thought life has been unfair and cruel to me. Now that I’m older, I’m incredibly grateful for the experience I’ve had as it’s become my life’s greatest lesson to persevere and become resilient to any downfall. I’ve learned to work hard, not take any shortcuts and to put my heart into everything that I do.  Having this perspective also made me susceptible when it comes to failure. A small hiccup that comes my way (I’m not being recognized for what I do at work, my blog is not generating more traffic, I can’t follow my diet) is automatically blamed on myself.

I’ve become a victim of self-judgment. The question ‘how can things not work out when I’ve given my everything?.. It must be because I’m not good enough’ runs through my head most of the time. I broke down last week because of the burden I solely placed on my shoulders. I would never inflict that suffering onto others especially to the people I love, why would I do that to myself? I realized that I have to learn how to accept myself and learn to let go. Things don’t always work out as planned and any failure shouldn’t define who you are as a person. I need to learn how to love myself and be forgiving of my flaws. I believe that you have to love yourself first before you give love to others and the first step to loving yourself is to accept who you are as a human being bound to make failures.

With that I found this beautiful quote that reflects on my definition of acceptance.


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