February 25 2013


True fact: I go through a phase where I eat a certain type of food or dish excessively over a period of time until I can no longer look at them anymore. I’m starting to reach that stage with Ritz cracker having destroyed half a box in one sitting last week. Since my love for Ritz cracker is still high up there, I convinced myself that a slight variation of some sort could keep me interested in wanting more. Solution? This chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz sandwich (that’s a long name), a marriage between Reese’s peanut butter cups and Ritz cracker. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, salty and crunch-addictive! What’s also great about this recipe is it require 3 pantry ingredients to make this delicious goodies and it takes minutes it whip a batch. You can vary the coating by using either white or dark chocolate and even adding sprinkles or crushed nuts (whatever you fancy really). It’s an ideal afternoon snack or party food that’s super simple to make.

Ritz Cracker_2

Ritz Cracker_3


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