February 6 2013


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Doha goes wild kitsch for Valentines Day, it’s so bad, it’s awesome! On display are giant red teddy bear, heart shaped pillows, red balloons and lame valentines cards. I’m not really big on giving cheesy valentines gifts, I’m all about taking the time to make something special for your loved ones like baking a cake or making handmade valentines card. I’m obsessed with stationery-related items and was excited to make personalized cards with my ever-growing collection of card stock, glitter and papers. Here, I’m going to show you a variety of designs that you can easily recreate with few materials.

V Card_Supplies

Items you’ll need: card stock (100gsm is a good weight for a card), decorative and plain paper, glitter, decorative hole punch (from Daiso), good quality colored markers, X-acto knife, ruler, scissor, and cutter.

Step 1: think about how you want to utilize your materials the best and easiest way possible. Make a rough sketch on paper and identify materials to use for each element of your card design.

Step 2: Measure your design on paper and create grids to provide you a guideline especially when it comes to free hard drawing.

Step 3: Once you created your template on the card stocks, it’s all about having fun. Don’t focus on making it perfect, the idea is to make it personalized and add your personal twist to it.

V Card 2_1

V Card 2_3 V Card 2_2

V Card 1_1 V Card 1_2

V Card 3_1 V Card 3_2

V Card 4_1 V Card 4_2 V Card 4_3

V Card 5_1 V Card 5_2

V Card 6_1 V Card 6_2

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