January 2013


January 10 2013

The holiday is over and I was back in the office last Sunday. After a hectic holiday, going back to my normal routine was a welcomed change. It’s nice going back home after work and cook a nice meal, watch a TV series or a movie and curl in bed with a good book. This [...]


January 9 2013

    You had a glimpse of my New Year’s resolution here and I’m looking forward to 2013 and to focus on myself. While in the past, I would list down all the things that’s wrong with me, I decided to stop being hard on myself and focus on the great things I wish to accomplish [...]


January 8 2013

A new year is a time for a fresh start, going on new adventures and even welcoming struggles and challenges. Before I started making plans and envisioning my life in 2013, I took the time to look back and was completely humbled with the many blessings that poured in throughout the year. 2012 was such [...]


January 7 2013

  Being around a French family has its perks. The best is being introduced to all kinds of French desserts like tarts, crepes and flan. My in-laws are fantastic in baking and every single occasion is celebrated with some kind of dessert and champagne. One that I enjoy the most is the celebration of the [...]

coat check

January 6 2013

A great fitting coat is a winter staple and one that is worth investing. I’m on a hunt for a tailored coat and I’ve been eyeing one from Zara all season and I finally found it during their sale last week (bonus!). This pea coat fits perfectly since a long coat or trench would swallow [...]


January 3 2013

Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and hopefully you didn’t spend the day after nursing a hangover! A lot of things happened this week and I can’t believe that it’s year 2013 already. We had a couple of people over at our house for New Year’s Eve and we almost missed the countdown because [...]


January 2 2013

New year is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Last year I made a detailed New Year’s resolution and although they weren’t all realized, I’ve accomplished some amazing things that made me a stronger person overall. I also learned that you can truly accomplish anything and hence I’m welcoming 2013 with much [...]