October 2012


October 22 2012

  After weeks of eating the same triangle sandwiches from the nearby supermarket at work, I decided to make myself a sandwich that is worth eating and filling. I crave the egg salad sandwich from MBCo (Montreal Bread Company) from time to time but it’s not worth the trip so I decided to whip up [...]


October 21 2012

Brunch has become our way to celebrating any special occasion amongst my friends whether be it birthdays, our engagement, goodbye party or a welcome back party. I personally love the leisurely atmosphere, great food and excuse to drink champagne at 12noon. This Friday, we went to W Hotel’s Market, our favorite brunch place to welcome [...]


October 18 2012

It’s official! We are 30 days away from the Doha Tribeca Film Festival so there will be no sleeping from here on out. Although there’s a lot of stress brewing at work, the energy is high and we still manage crack jokes and act foolish for the most part. I’ve gone through personal highs and [...]


October 17 2012

This is the craziest period of the year for me in terms of work. This is the time when I disappear from the face of the planet, I don’t see Anthony anymore, ran out of clean clothes and eat chips and chocolates in lieu of a proper meal. What’s worse is that I know this [...]


October 15 2012
Brunch Basic_Main

Friday Brunch is by far my favorite thing to do on the weekend. I love waking up early on a Friday morning, picking up fresh products from the supermarket and preparing something beautiful while Anthony is still sleeping. I usually change it up every week and but my rotating favorites are Eggs Benedict (with homemade [...]


October 14 2012

You got a glimpse of my office uniform here. On weekends, I typically slip into my stretchy jeans, lightweight top and flats. This Saturday was all about running errands so I slipped into something super comfortable and weather friendly (it was 42degress). I wore my new jeans that are super stretchy and soft, a lightweight [...]


October 11 2012

This week naturally followed ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ saying. I come home late everyday but instead of passing out, I managed to catch up on my TV shows, went for cucumber martini for a celebration and squeezed in late night date night with Anthony in Grand Hyatt. This weekend, we’ll be spending time with my [...]