August 2012


August 21 2012

  Alexa Chung is that girl that everybody wans to be friends with and has the style that every woman wants to emulate. After fronting campaigns for Madewell, Supergra and Pepe Jeans, Ms. Chung bags another campaign as she becomes the face of the french label ‘Maje’. I think the brand scored major gold as Alexa speaks [...]


August 20 2012
Oreo Pops

    My husband is mortified every time I eat Oreos because eat only the biscuit. I’ve been looking for ways to get more creative with Oreos without breaking my back in the kitchen. I made Oreo Pops last week following this easy recipe and the best thing about it is there’s no baking required. My [...]


August 19 2012
Mesh it Up

  I love chunky sweaters and gym sweatshirt and I’ve been looking for a summer variation and this mesh pullover is the perfect summer interpretation. The lace embroidery on the side makes this a unique piece and the open-stich is great for adding texture when layering. I paired mine with a cami in the same [...]


August 16 2012

This week presented few challenges that left me feeling stressed. More work kept on adding up as I worked on wrapping things up before I leave and my passport drama was my lowest point this week. I finally got my passport back yesterday and started packing that night but I was all over the place [...]


August 15 2012

My passport is still held up at the Canadian Embassy and I was very hopeful of getting it before I travel. My heart sank past 4 in the afternoon yesterday with no passport on sight; I had to postpone my flight. After dropping my husband at the airport, I found myself moping on the sofa [...]


August 14 2012

I’m traveling to Edinburgh to attend a friend’s wedding. The couple got engaged shortly after we did and I’m very excited to see them tie the knot. Having been a recent bride, I know the stresses that come along with wedding planning and the pressure to looking your best on your big day. One thing [...]


August 13 2012
Chicken Nuggets

  Chicken Nuggets was my favorite kids meal but having found what they’re really made of, it’s safe to say I won’t ever eat them again. At times when I crave chicken nuggets and french fries, I make this baked version which tastes better than the real thing and it’s healthy. The secret to making it perfect [...]