March 20 2014

I picked up this Heroin Make mascara remover  from one of those big pharmacies in Japan last year. It’s a genius product that comes in tube with a special wand that brushes on mascara remover directly on lashes, melting away even the most stubborn traces of mascara or eyeliner. I wipe it with a cotton pad after a few seconds and I’m left with clean eye lashes.

The problem is I’m running low and have been on a look out for a good alternative since flying all the way to Japan for a mascara remover sounds ludicrous. I decided to create a natural mascara remover using all natural products but the packaging and ingredients are all in Japanese so god knows what’s in this magic potion!

I resorted to the magic product of the year: organic coconut oil as a basis for my mascara remover. I added almond oil, which is really good for the hair and sensitive skin and a few drops of essential oils like cypress which is used for soothing and toning and lavender oil, which is also soothing and has anti-inflammatory properties.


DIY Natural Mascara Remover

1 part almond oil (I used 1 tsp.)

1 part organic cold-pressed coconut oil (I used 1 tsp.)

5 drops of lavender oil

5 drops of cypress oil

Empty mascara tube (found in Daiso)


  1. Combine the almond oil and coconut oil in a small bowl. Mix until everything is incorporated and coconut oil is melted.
  2. Add a few drops of lavender and cypress oil
  3. Carefully transfer the oil in an empty mascara tube and close.



How to Use:

Apply the oil with the mascara wand and brush the oil through your eyelashes. Close your eyes and leave it for a few seconds until your mascara starts to melt. With a cotton pad, wipe your eyes clean and voila! Clean and soft eyelashes.

You can also use this oil blend as a makeup remover; just transfer it in a small bottle and use like a regular eye makeup remover.

All the ingredients are purchased from Neil Yard Remedies at Ezdan mall.





  • Anthony

    Alas, no more Panda Eyes for me! YES!!! Thank you Karen! You’re a life saver!