March 11 2014
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Walking around The Pearl esplanade is something Anthony and I do often, whenever I need a break from watching KUWK (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) re-runs or when we feel guilty for not working out (walking to Spinneys and carrying a bottle of milk back home is considered exercise in the Nicolet household). It’s become a way for us to discover new shops or restaurants around our neighborhood and this is how we discovered Anima Gallery about last year and was thrilled when Anima Lounge opened its doors to food and art enthusiast like me.

Anima Cafe Doha11

Anima Lounge has become my go-to coffee and weekend lunch spot. It’s hard not to, especially that this joint is only a few steps away from my home. The café is gloriously bright filled with natural light, stark furniture, cheeky artwork, coffee table books and magazines all for your perusal. The café also has a nice outdoor area, perfect al fresco dining set-up around the quiet area of The Pearl.

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Now let’s talk about food. Healthy heart-warming menu items including gluten-free pasta, quinoa salad, detox juices and healthy desserts. I’m starving so I start with chicken moneybag while my date goes for bean and beetroot soup. Chicken moneybag is basically a fancy wrapped chicken wonton. I take a bite with caution to avoid having the fried wrapper scratch my mouth. My partner in crime happily reported that the soup has a nice combination from the sweetness of the beetroot and the velvety texture of the bean soup.

Anima Cafe Doha01

Preferring to continue with my fried meal, I went with the grilled chicken sandwich with brown bread with a side of French fries while Anthony settled with our favorite dish, the classic quinoa salad filled with sautéed red and yellow pepper, green beans, feta cheese and olives. No explanation needed there- yum! Can I also point out that this salad didn’t have a touch of dressing but was still flavorful.

My grilled chicken sandwich was also satisfying and light. Bread is fresh. Pesto and sundried tomato is perfectly balanced (not too salty and oily) and nothing to complain about my golden French-fries.

Anima Cafe Doha03

Anima Cafe Doha7

My meal was washed down with a Beet It Up juice, combination of beetroot, apple, lemon, celery, ginger and carrots. The immune boosting juice should be called “throat cleanser” because the acidity is like a shock to your throat with every sip.

We don’t have space for dessert and so we asked for the bill. I promise to come back to sample their date cake over coffee perhaps.

Anima Cafe Doha1

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After lunch, we slipped into the gallery and checked the Dusk to Dawn… Threads of Infinity exhibition as part of the Qatar Brazil 2014 year of culture.

Anima Gallery & Lounge

Parcel 17, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Doha, Qatar

10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Cuisine: International

Tel: +974 4002 7437





  • Anthony

    This place is great! Especially for lunch.