December 12 2013
Christmas Gift Guide for HIM

Hi Clumsy Chic readers, this is Anthony. My wife asked me to write a post about Christmas gift guide for men. I’m not a writer and my jokes may not be suitable for the general audience, but I do know what a lot of guys would very much like to get this Christmas (other than the usual things that’s always on their mind). So ladies, pay attention, here are nine gift ideas for the men of your life.

 1.  For the Photographer-  INSTANT LAB  $300: This portable Instant Lab allows you to print your iPhone photos. No need to have them developed

2.  For the Movie Buff-‘DRIVE’ SCORPION JACKET $160: If he’d seen the movie ‘Drive’, he won’t believe you managed to find THE jacket- he’ll love you for it. He might not look like Ryan Gosling but he’ll certainly feel just as badass.

3For the Gamer- ATARI CONSOLE $50: Any gamer will feel nostalgic at the sight of this old school Atari Console with 72 built in games.

4. For the Guy who is Fashionably Challenged- TRUNK CLUB $ (pretty much up to you): The Trunk Club is the perfect place to get your man a new sense of style with the help of a stylist. Save him the hassle of going shopping for clothes.

5. For the Music Lover- CROSLEY TURNTABLE $180: Vinyl have survived Cassette Tapes, CDs, Mini-Disks and MP3s, I think it is fair to say that your man will live a longer and happier life with record player at home. It’s good looking and they’re of good quality.

6. For the Outdoor Guy- BOGAN SKATEBOARD $180: Let him glide the streets in style with this handmade board made to order.

7. For the Adventurer- GO PRO CAMERA $343:  This isn’t exactly new but if he hasn’t gotten one yet, it’ll change surely change his outdoor adventures. What he does with it inside the house is your problem.

 8. For the Classy Drinker- DEAN CHOCOLATE WASK FLASK $50: Offering a flask to a man is like offering a box of chocolate to a woman; only it lasts longer.

9. For the Techie- LACIE BLADE RUNNER HARD DRIVE  $300: More than just a hard drive, this creation is designed by Philippe Starck and is a combination of human and machine. This sleek yet powerful design will sure look better than anything else on his computer desk.




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