October 8 2013


Personalized Stationery-cover

I’m a sucker for pretty stationeries and especially hand written notes. Communication these days are all digital, it’s a sweet gesture to receive and send hand written notes. I have a weakness for stationery and paper goods. I like the touch of smooth papers, sucker for nice designs and packaging. I gathered quite a collection and my most precious one is a stack of the smoothest Japanese stock cards and envelopes that I’ve been thinking of customizing in a while. Since I didn’t want to ruin and waste my papers, I decided to customize it properly using my favorite stationery related items: colored stamp pads, washi tapes, stamps, decorative papers and glitter (I slightly pee’d my pants writing these items in one sentence).

Here I’ve illustrated the simple ways of how I created my personalized stationery.

Materials you’ll need: good stock cards and envelopes (I got mine from Tokyo but Paper Source has some really great varieites), decorative papers (from Daiso), colored ink pads, stamp, washi tapesdecorative stickers

Tools: ruler, X-acto knife, cutter, pencil, eraser, colored pens, and glue

Step 1: Create envelope liners

I opened an envelope and traced it to create an envelope liner template. Using decorative papers of my choice, I traced and cut the papers using the template I just created.

Step 2: Attach the envelope liners

Using glue or double-sided tape, attach the liners to the envelope and flatten it out.

Step 3: Get decorating

Get creative and start personalizing the stock cards using materials you have at hand. I created simple card designs that will go well with the liners I’ve just created. It would really help if you already have a sketch of what you want to do prior to decorating so you have a guideline and avoid making mistakes.

Final step: write a sweet note to a special someone in your life


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