September 9 2013
Blush Interior Inspirations

When I was single, my bedroom was utterly girly complete with baby pink walls. If I have the liberty of decorating our house now without care for my male companion, I would definitely add a touch of pink in our décor but reality is I’d probably be thrown out if I added even a pink throw pillow in the living room. Blush is huge this Fall and it’s also taken over the interior world. Here I compiled drool worthy design inspirations using this girly hue.

Blush is treated as neutral in some of the designs here adding a bit of warmth to a wall space, sofas and little accents. Some treat pink as a pop of color against a white background for that shock effect. If you are inspired to inject pink into your home, you can’t go wrong with these two ways.

When going for a more blush tones, treat it as a neutral color and create more depth by adding darker elements like a grey sofa and masculine items like brass fixtures, this will make your space more grown up and less Barbie doll house.

If you are going for a shock factor, go for bright pink in a solid color and chose one aspect of your house to highlight. It could be the backsplash of your kitchen, door, and even one furniture piece that can grab attention.

What do you think of incorporating this hue at home? too barbie doll house or truly high-fashion?


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