July 2013


July 16 2013

Montreal is a city close to Anthony’s heart having lived there years ago. This trip was planned for me to see the city, meet his friends and experience the lifestyle especially in the summer.  Having no expectations or idea in my mind of what it would look like, I was completely captivated by the charm [...]


July 14 2013

My travel style evolved over the years. I used to pack my itinerary with things to do in the hopes of getting to see everything in short period of time and the fear of missing out on some great adventures, this kind of mindset left me exhausted and in need of another vacation to recuperate. [...]


July 12 2013
Week Roundup-12 July

I mentioned on my last week roundup post that we spent the weekend in Quebec city. I had such a great time walking around the old town and soaking up the gorgeous weather. My best memory of our weekend getaway was a day spent sitting on the grass, beer in my hand and seeing rock bands [...]


July 11 2013

The weather here in Doha has hit 45 degrees celsuis (113 degrees farenheit) already and that’s not even the worst temperature yet. It’s becoming difficult to dress up for work every morning where all you want to do is to trade your blazer and pants for a sheer shirt, shorts and sandals. But no matter [...]


July 9 2013
Alexander Wang Resort 2014

Alexander Wang is one of those designers that can transform basics into timeless pieces thanks to his attention to proportion, cut, fabric and structure, his t-shirts, shirts and leather pieces are definitely worth splurging on. The brand’s resort 2014 collection felt like it’s made for me, it’s definitely my favorite collection this year (a bold [...]


July 7 2013
Side Tracked_Cover

They say that once you’ve chopped off all your hair, you won’t be able to stop. That is exactly how my pixie hair evolved. I wanted it cut shorter and shorter, and then came the sudden temptation to do a side shaved pixie cut. The whole experience was terrifying at first especially seeing your hairdresser [...]


July 5 2013
Week Roundup-5 July

Ahhh Montreal, it is by far my best summer holiday experience. The city combines everything I love from fashion, music, food, and laid-back atmosphere. Instead of visiting the city like tourists, we threw our travel itinerary and followed how Montrealers spend their summer in the city. This week has been about waking up naturally, having [...]