April 2013


April 11 2013

I feel that as work gets really demanding, it’s very difficult to fit in any social or personal activity but it is something I’m determined to change in order to keep myself sane. I’ve come to accept that there will be times that work becomes a priority but the most important thing is to treasure [...]


April 10 2013

Being an organization and clean freak like me, spring-cleaning gets me excited- it’s retarded. The tasks can be daunting but the end result is very satisfying. To me it’s the feeling of freshness and lightness in our house and knowing that order has been put in place. Our house is small which means my tasks [...]


April 9 2013

Shopping in Doha has never been fun and exciting experience for me. Besides getting my basic items or to stock up on my make-up and toiletries supply, I don’t do my shopping here anymore for several reasons. We may have high-street brands such as Zara, Mango, Topshop but the selection of clothes are incomparable to [...]


April 8 2013
Quinoa Fried Rice

I’m known to pack a few pounds after coming back from my holiday but do go back to my normal weight right as I ease in to my regular eating routine. It wasn’t the case this time around. I continued eating whatever I wanted after Japan and really abused of my supposedly ‘holiday freedom’. Reality [...]


April 7 2013

I talked about my love for Isabel Marant here and here. I now have a few of Marant’s key pieces and this Bobby sneakers is a newest addition to my ever-growing collection. I hesitated to buy this for a year since I already have a pair of wedge sneakers but couldn’t get it off my [...]

april must haves

April 3 2013

This month’s must haves are heavily inspired by my attitude for spring. I’m more laid back, cheerful, positive and my choice of clothes is reflective of my current state of bliss. I tend to opt for lightweight yet structured pieces like this lust-have Alexander Wang top and inject a bit of quirkiness with a fun accessory [...]


April 2 2013
Cutini Cocktail

My *liking (*addiction) for alcoholic beverages is very much documented on my instagram page (kgines). I’m not an alcoholic but a harmless glass can definitely improve my day. I love the idea of coming home from work and unwinding down with a glass of aperitif and being married to a Frenchman means that a glass [...]