November 6 2012

Image via Design Love Fest

Image via Design Love Fest


Having a balanced work and personal life is a goal I set for myself after getting married but it’s honestly a constant challenge even though there are noticeable improvements. I genuinely love my work and excited on taking on new challenges like my blog but my husband is my priority so major lifestyle change had to be done.

I consider myself a perfectionist and someone that is eager to get something done and the biggest change I had to make was learning to let go. Learning which battles to fight and learning of let go of things that won’t matter at the end of the day.

Second is making time for things that makes me feel good and happy even in the midst of all the madness. I make the time for date nights (even if I have to go to work afterwards), see my friends and make the time for myself even for 10 minutes. I am creatively stimulated when I’m happy which means more effective at work.

Time management and being organized obviously helps a lot. I have a number of Iphone apps like that keeps me organized like Evernote, Calendars and Wunderlist but the best is still having a handwritten to-do list (color coded obviously) with tick box that you can mark at the end of the day.

I’d love to hear your tips on having a work and play balance.



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