October 2012


October 10 2012

  I’m a control freak. I like to have full control of all aspect of my life but slowly as I get older, learn to let go of things. Letting go doesn’t mean not caring but simply caring and creating more room for the things that are important to you and passionate about.

diy makeup organization

October 9 2012
makeup-organization_2 copy

My makeup drawer had been organized not so long ago but lately I’ve been finding myself tossing my makeup into the drawer and not in their proper container. It’s partly because the containers doesn’t fit perfectly in our custom made drawer (it’s a weird size) and they tend to move around a lot. After a month [...]


October 8 2012

  My boss was in Italy last week and brought back colorful bowtie pasta from Campo di Fiori. It’s such a summer ingredient but they’re so darn cute, I couldn’t resist cooking them since it feels like borderline summer here in Doha. After getting some much needed me-time in the morning, I was in the [...]


October 7 2012

Black and White is quintessential classic outfit for me especially pieces with clean structured cut. I fell in love with this wide leg pants because of the cut, almost seamless waistband and side zipper. I paired it with a simple white top and blazer, finished the look with a swipe of mulberry lipstick (a nod [...]


October 4 2012

I live in jeans, t-shirt and sneaks on the weekends only because I like to be comfortable when we go out during the day. I do dress up and make the effort at night whether if I’m going on a date or having drinks with friends. Here’s a peek of my dressed down approach which [...]


October 3 2012

Our house is still undergoing decoration, as it doesn’t feel quite complete yet. We have yet to fill our gallery wall, decorate a dead space in our living room and recently, we finally put up a massive art piece on our wall. When we were decorating our house, we knew we wanted to have a [...]

K 108

October 2 2012

My father-in-law introduced us to a new boutique hotel in Doha that is tucked in downtown souq area which sounds pretty dodgy but was pleasantly surprised about the hotel’s presence and quality upon arrival. K108 is the first boutique hotel that donates 100percent of its profit to charity and other important causes. The hotel’s restaurant “Yum [...]