August 29 2012
Scotland Wedding

My week in Edinburgh was filled with fun highlights but the most memorable of course was the wedding. The wedding was set in Kailzie Gardens right next to the duck pond and  nestled among some of the oldest trees in Peebles. Guests were greeted by the sound of the bagpipes and ushered themselves to the [...]


August 26 2012
Scottish Wedding

My friend’s wedding in Scotland was simply magical. It was held in a beautiful garden just outside Peebles which lends itself to a breathtaking backdrop (even the sheep joined the ceremony). There was a lot of love in the room, great fun and lots of dancing. I saw the venue a day before the wedding [...]


August 23 2012

This  week in Scotland was just incredible and I’m so glad I managed to go. My friends wedding was incredibly gorgeous and a lot of fun. Everything looked stunning from the bride, the venue, decoration and food. I was on the dancefloor the entire night Ceilidh (pronounced as Kay-lee) dancing and kicked some serious ass (the Scotch helped set the [...]


August 16 2012

This week presented few challenges that left me feeling stressed. More work kept on adding up as I worked on wrapping things up before I leave and my passport drama was my lowest point this week. I finally got my passport back yesterday and started packing that night but I was all over the place [...]


July 4 2012

  I started traveling a lot more because of my job but regardless of work or leisure travels, I stick by these three golden rules: TRY NEW THINGS I consider myself a curious traveler and one of the great joys of traveling is trying something new whether it’s food, activity or language. It’s also an incredible [...]


June 27 2012

We’re back in Doha and we’re happy to be sleeping in our own bed, watching TV and being around our friends and families. Italy was wonderful, everything what we’d hope it’s really those little things and special moments that makes every trip memorable. Here are some of mine:


June 26 2012

I mentioned here that we had a nice welcome upon our arrival in Rome and we continued that pace throughout our stay. We pretty much got our natural routine down. The whole day was spent sightseeing and walking from one site to the other, we’d call 5PM as our beer o’clock followed by people watching at a [...]