Love Nest


August 22 2012
Cutting an Onion

I’m a self-confessed onion and garlic whore. Caramelized onions and crushed garlic are staple ingredients whenever I’m free styling in the kitchen. Onion can be a bitch to cut and it used to take me so long to dice them and I’d be bawling in just mere seconds. I’ve since learned the trick on how [...]


August 16 2012

This week presented few challenges that left me feeling stressed. More work kept on adding up as I worked on wrapping things up before I leave and my passport drama was my lowest point this week. I finally got my passport back yesterday and started packing that night but I was all over the place [...]


August 13 2012
Chicken Nuggets

  Chicken Nuggets was my favorite kids meal but having found what they’re really made of, it’s safe to say I won’t ever eat them again. At times when I crave chicken nuggets and french fries, I make this baked version which tastes better than the real thing and it’s healthy. The secret to making it perfect [...]


August 9 2012

  This week was all about making our favorite recipes like this one from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook and today we’re hosting dinner and drinks that will be inspired by the king of rustic cooking. I had quite a busy week at work especially working with people in Toronto and New York (7 hours behind) so I’m [...]


August 7 2012

Lately, I’ve been running errands left and right: registration of our marriage, car registration, visa applications, insurance, doctor’s visits- the boring stuff! While the process of getting stuff done here in Doha will already drive someone crazy, my misplaced papers and missing documents certainly added to my frustration. I’ve been itching since to get organized [...]


August 2 2012

With the weird Ramadan working hours, it felt strange to be out running errands at 9 PM where I’m typically slumped in our sofa watching TV post dinner. But regardless of the running around we had to do, one night, Anthony and I decided to make rosemary infused popcorn and watched ‘Death Valley’ marathon. This week, I [...]


August 1 2012

We have a miniscule kitchen and having such a small space proved to be challenging in terms of creating an efficient organization system that is both function and flexible (in order to store more kitchen crap). It took a number of reassessment and reshuffling but it’s now close to being the perfect kitchen command center [...]