July 2012


July 11 2012

  It’s hard to let go of some things that are very meaningful to you especially if that ‘thing’ is your wedding dress.  I’ve been married for only four months and one day my husband suggested that I sell my wedding dress, I flatly said “No, that dress has sentimental value to me” and always [...]


July 10 2012

I always make it a point to get myself a one-of-a-kind present whenever I travel. I listed down some ideas before I traveled to Italy: mask from Venice, chili pepper necklace, leather goods or Italian shoes. I came across thousand of options along the way but nothing made my heart leaped until I discovered a [...]


July 9 2012

  It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with everything Gwyneth Paltrow. I am who doesn’t ? she’s hella cool! I finally got a copy of her cookbook  and I went through it like a nerd, bookmarking almost every page. One thing ‘G’ (that’s what I would call her if we’re BFFs) and I have in common [...]


July 8 2012

With the weather being permanently 40degrees this month, all I want to do is slip into my sandals, shorts, hat and tank top but I try to make an effort not to pull that combo because honestly, if you’re not heading to the beach, it’s just plain trashy. My idea of summer dressing is all about [...]


July 5 2012

This week was a hectic one. I spent most of my time at the embassy running a number of errands to the point that I know the names of the staff working there and how many children they have. Even with a full schedule, I forced myself to leave work on time (which feels wrong [...]


July 4 2012

  I started traveling a lot more because of my job but regardless of work or leisure travels, I stick by these three golden rules: TRY NEW THINGS I consider myself a curious traveler and one of the great joys of traveling is trying something new whether it’s food, activity or language. It’s also an incredible [...]


July 3 2012

I love picking up flowers for our home. It unfailingly puts me in good mood especially when our entire house smells like fresh flowers and well they’re just so damn pretty to look at! I visited my go-to flower shop to get some lilies for a dinner we hosted last week and I was beyond excited to [...]