February 24 2013

Sweater: Vintage from 69 Leggings  | Leggings: Mango | Shoes: Converse | Necklace: gifted from Paris | Watch: Zadig & Voltaire | Bracelets: Hermes, JCrew, and random bracelets | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

At the end of every international film festival I get sent to, I usually require a lot of attention to my wellbeing and body that it’s now become a welcomed ritual. It involves a trip at the Chinese massage center to get ‘cupping’ done, a massage at Grand Hyatt, having my mani and pedi done with my go-to nail technician and a visit to my mother-in-law’s salon for maintenance and haircut. My mother-in-law certainly caught on with this ritual and this time made the appointment for me to visit her. She cuts and take care of my hair and I appreciate her brutal honestly and feedback on some hairstyles I’m tempted to try (like having bangs). She was both shocked and excited though when I rolled into her salon with a picture of Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie cut. This is the first time I have a haircut this short and it feels liberating to embrace a drastic change. It’s amazing how a haircut can change your whole look and can bring a new level of confidence. I can’t wait to try different hairstyles with my new pixie cut. I am embracing my round face and flaunting it in style!

Happy Sunday everyone.




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  • Anthony

    One of my favorite photoshoot locations in Doha. Lets keep it a secret ;O)