August 6 2012

I went on the Dukan diet right after Italy after having gained a few kilos worth of pasta and gelato. Although, I’m back to my normal weight now and off the diet, I’ve been making an effort of eating healthy and not go overboard on sweets and carbs.

The best thing that happened to me post diet was kicking my cravings for carbs and if I want a small piece to go along with my cheese, I whip up this east Dukan bread recipe.

It’s a healthy alternative to bread that is super healthy and I usually take this chance to up my vitamin and minerals intake by sprinkling few tablespoons of seed mix: flaxseed, organic pumpkin, sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds for added source of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

I allow myself a loaf a day for breakfast over scrambled egg whites or for a snack with Nutella or peanut butter.


  • Anonymous

    mmm looks so yummy :)

  • Dukan + Bread are two words that do not belong in a sentence together!! Love it! Can not wait to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  • daisyandthefox

    yum!! this bread looks great! :)