September 17 2017
summer dress

Dress: Mango | Jacket: Sandro | Necklace: Topshop | Shoes: Adidas | Bag: Chloe 

I’ve always had a multifunctional approach to fashion. I believe in wearing pieces multiple ways and also wear them throughout the season. A summer dress is an overlooked item, but holds an endless appeal to me because it’s something I wear throughout the season.

Summer Dress

We all have that summer dress that we scored on sale and packed with us on our recent summer holiday. You know, the one you wore only twice this season. This is the case with this Mango dress and I’m not quite ready to part ways with it yet. I still have several opportunities to wear it here in Doha especially with the upcoming sauna weather, but I know this dress can carry me all the way to Doha’s version of winter.

Summer Dress

I took this summer dress with me to Montreal, but apparently summer ended when we got there and was greeted with chilly weather and rain. With only summer pieces in my travel capsule wardrobe, I lived in this dress during our holiday. I wore it with a t-shirt underneath, with a blazer, but my favorite style was definitely with a leather jacket.

Summer Dress

Pairing a summer dress with a biker leather jacket is a small tweak that toughens up a sweet dress and makes it appropriate for colder seasons. But when you live in the Middle East, you can carry on wearing a summer dress all year round.   Summer Dress

Pssst… most stores are preparing for their end of season sale, so make sure you add a sweet summer dress in your shopping list.


  • Sally Clark (Flying Food Ninja)

    Yassss! Love your blog posts like this. So helpful and is giving me ideas for all my unused clothing items.

  • I love how you paired the Adidas shoes with the summer dress. Casual, yet makes a statement.