July 6 2017
Handmade Dresses for Toddlers Etsy

Dresses: Umm Mu

I have become a sentimental person ever since I became a Mom. As a photographer, I’ve already got quite a collection of professional photos of Naomi ever since she was a tiny precious baby, and the second thing I collect are special clothing pieces that I want to keep and cherish forever. Her going home clothes from Tartine et Chocolat are wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a box as well as her hand knitted shoes.

Handmade-Dresses-for-Toddlers-Etsy Handmade-Dresses-for-Toddlers-Etsy

For her first birthday, she was gifted this beautiful set of hand made dresses and romper by a local clothing designer called Umm Mu. She had worn one of the dresses for her birthday party, but I have been preciously holding onto the other clothes waiting for the right moment for her to wear them. Her first time in South of France seemed to be the perfect occasion.


The lightweight fabric gave it a breezy feeling for the hot summer weather and they’re beautiful to be worn on days when we had guests over the house. But what I love the most about Umm.Mu’s designs is that they’re all handmade with love. You can tell the passion that goes into making these dresses from its unique prints, to sweet embroidered lace details and customized buttons. It’s a one of a kind piece that is a forever keep.


One afternoon, I found myself in my in-law’s office attic perusing through old albums of Anthony’s baby photos. His mom kept photos of him from the day he was born in the hospital to the day they moved to Qatar. Looking at these photos made me nostalgic, and made me realize I want to capture precious moments of Naomi’s life and have these albums to one day look back at. So what does a photographer parent do? Chase her around the house and capture her essence at 15 months. The things she loves at the moment (these flamingo floaters), and of course I want to remember her wearing these special dresses from Umm.Mu. I’m so glad we’ve done this, as I can now have memories of her first time in South of France.


To moms looking for something special for their daughters, I could not recommend Umm Mu enough. The passion she puts in every design is evident. She only makes 3 pieces of any design and delivers it to you in this sweet package. I fully support a momperneur who is fully committed to pursuing her passion and doing everything with love. You can order her clothes from Etsy or through Facebook.



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