February 17 2015

As a Valentines Day activity, Anthony and I drove to Roza Hassad to pick up flowers during their open day. The green house has a bounty of fresh flowers especially for the occasion including roses in all shades of colors. Inspired by their selection, I decided to pick up varying shades of pink roses and come up with an ombre flower arrangement.

Ombre flower arrangement is simple to do and creates a stunning result that looks like a QR500 arrangement from any floral shops. This arrangement costed QR200 and yielded two medium arrangements. Our house is bursting beautiful local flowers!

Here’s how you do it:

Materials required: roses in three or four different shades, ti leaves,  vase of any kind of shape (for this arrangement, it’s best to use a cube vase), garden scissors, floral foam, water.

Ombre Flower Arrangement 01

1. Peel leaves and remove any thorns on the roses.

Ombre Flower Arrangement 02

2. Remove any old or brownish petals and cut the roses in the same length.

Ombre Flower Arrangement 03

3. Cut the floral foam to fit inside the vase. Allow space around the edges for the leaves.

4. Line the inner rim with ti leaves, making sure they lay evenly in the vase. Line the entire vase.

Ombre Flower Arrangement 06

5. Starting wit the darkest roses, tightly line the vase making sure you don’t leave any space in between. Continue with the medium shade and finish lining with the lightest shade.

6. Move the flowers around until it’s properly lined and height is all even.

Ombre Flower Arrangement 10

7. Pour water inside the vase concentrating in all corners and in the middle. (You can pre-soak the foam in water but in my experience, it’s much harder to shape and slide the foam inside the vase when it’s soaked).

Ombre Flower Arrangement 12

Voila! Ombre flower arrangement is ready to display.

Ombre Flower Arrangement 11

Any other rose arrangement ideas, let me know below!


  • Wow, you are so creative, and your photography skills are great! Just to let you know, I have featured you in my latest post x Pearl & Peach

  • Oh my goodness, so pretty!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Looks gorgeous!! I’m going to give it a try x

  • Najmunnisa

    Wow beautiful .. I will try it