October 29 2015
desk organization

How do you organize your desk? It’s the question I get asked a lot.

Organization is the key to being efficient and finding balance in my life. It’s certainly one of my main strengths at work. I’m known to be the girl who has spreadsheets for everything, labels for every folders or binders, and long list of to-do list. Having an efficient system in place is just how I function best.

Now that I’m taking my first foray into working for myself, I wanted to apply that same ethics at home and create a space that is both inspiring and functional. As a blogger, you constantly have to push the creative envelope to produce original content. My workspace at home is reflective of not only my personal taste but also Clumsy Chic’s aesthetics: well-designed items with a laid back feel.

How to organize your desk

How to organize your desk

Of course, everything within my space has been ergonomically thought out to make my day-to-day work as smooth as possible. The laptop stand is there so I’m not hunched back while doing photo editing and design work. A whiteboard calendar and mood board is stuck to the wall to constantly keep me in check and on schedule. And the greens are meant to provide my eyes a sense of calm after staring at a computer the whole day.

How to organize your desk

Apart from the design elements, my home office is organized in a way that makes work more efficient. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, here are some of my tips on how to organize your desk:

ONE. Keep ONLY the things you use on a daily basis within arm’s reach: This will eliminate unnecessary clutter and shuffling around to find things.


TWO.Store your work essentials in the first drawer: It could be your pens, USB, calculator, sticky notes, and business cards.

THREE. Minimize personal knick-knacks: It’s nice to personalize your desk but keep it to a minimum. You don’t need to display all your travel memorabilia, family pictures or print outs of your favorite quotes. One or two things are plenty otherwise it can be distracting. Remind yourself that it’s still a workplace and your desk needs to look professional.

How to organize your desk

FOUR. Dedicate a space for everything: Corral similar things together and dedicate a space for it. It could be a folder with all the invoices and quotations, magazine holders containing press clippings, drawer for art supplies, and even a drawer for snacks (it’s important).

FIVE. De-clutter:  Do you really need 5 pencils or that pen you got as a giveaway? Keep only the essentials around you or you’ll end up hoarding a lot of things at the end of the day

SIX. Clean before you go: This is a habit that I’ve adapted since I started working. De-clutter, throw unnecessary papers and file things away before you head home. You’ll feel better coming in a clean office in the morning.

to-do list

SEVEN. To-do list: I’m a huge to-do list geek. There’s something relaxing about jotting down everything you need to do so it goes out of your head. Having a to-do list not only keeps you on track with you work but also make sure that you don’t forget anything. I usually write mine at the end of the day for the next morning.

How to organize your desk

Voila! Do you have a special tactics on how to organize your desk? I’m always curious and interested to know other people’s system. There’s always something to learn and improve on so comment below.


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  • What a lovely workspace you have. I am lucky enough if I can find room between stuffed animals and tonka trucks to sit at my computer. Someday when my boys are older I may enjoy an equally calming office. Thanks for sharing!