November 26 2017
Doha Gift Guide for Kids

This year I’ve rounded up 42 holiday gift guide ideas for your little one.

We’re just under one month from Christmas and I’m kicking off Clumsy Chic’s holiday gift season with the ultimate guide for the kiddos. I’ll be honest, I enjoy shopping for my little one even more than myself, so putting this list together was plenty of fun!

This gift guide for kids includes items I love, with gifts that are fun and educational at the same time. Most importantly, all of these are available here in Doha so no last minute rush for overnight shipping from abroad!

I hope it gets you into the holiday spirit and feel free to spread the love by sharing this guide with your friends and family. You’ll ensure that any gifts your little one gets this Christmas are the things you really need/want!


Christmas Gift Guide for Kids Doha

01.  Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod, QR 950:The best investment gift you can give to parents of a newborn.

02. White Kimono Onesies, Babyshop, QR 19 per piece: The most practical type of onesie especially when dressing a tiny newborn

03. Monogrammed blanket, Pottery Barn Kids, QR 190: There’s nothing better than snuggling with a baby in a soft blanket.

04. Grobag swaddle suit, Justkidding, QR 197: Another must-have for newborns. This snug swaddle makes them feel secure and soothes them during the 4th trimester.

05. My First Christmas Bauble, Mamas & Papas, QR 69:Commemorate the little one’s first Christmas with this sweet bauble for the tree.

06. Mocasssins, Ten Little Toes, QR106: These fringe leather mocassins are not only stylish but they won’t slip off those tiny feet.

07. Organic Sleepsuit Hannah Andersson, QR 139: The best and softest sleepsuit I ever bought Naomi

08. The Original Newborn Cards, Hallmark or Ten Little Toes, QR 130: Mom-brain is real, but these cards will ensure you record every important newborn milestone

09. Spiral Toy, Mothercare, QR75: A versatile toy that can be used on the pram, crib, and baby bouncer.

10. Puj Tub, Just Kidding, QR 170: Made out of soft foam that can mold to your wash basin, this tub makes bathtime so much easier and it doesn’t take any space at all.

11. Comfort blanket, Mamas & Papas, QR79: A beautiful and soft blankie that comforts a sleeping baby.

12. Snuz Designz 3pcs bedding set, Mamas & Papas, QR 199: A modern design crib sheet and blanket that makes a wonderful change from the usual flowers and balloons!

13. Musical cot mobile, QR279: Another must-have that will help comfort and entertain your little one, and send them into a deep slumber as well.

14. Neil Yards Baby Organic Gift Set, QR 120: A set of natural and organic essential products to protect and care for a newborn’s skin.



gift guide for kids

01. Speedo Swim Seat, 0-1 year old, Go Sports: Infants love water and there’s nothing cuter than seeing their chubby rolls paddle in the water.

02. Bear Hoodie Sweater, Gap, QR 120: Up the cute factor with this bear hood sweater.

03. Vans Old Skool Shoes, Vans, QR139: Make their first step even more memorable with these irresistible mini Vans.

04. Hooded towels, Pottery Barn Kids, QR175: Snuggle with a freshly washed baby in this cute bear hooded towel (do you think I’m a fan of the bear hood?!)

05. Miffy Growth Chart Wall Art, Just Kidding, QR249: Forget crayons on the wall, measure your little one’s growth on this modern design growth chart.

06. Miffy Night Lamp, Just Kidding, QR 899: This lamp doubles as a night light and modern nursery decoration. The dimmer and soft glow are great functions too.

07. Snug seat and activity tray, Mamas & Papas, QR 449: Essential for weaning babies or keeping baby entertained once they start sitting up.

08. Sophie The Giraffe Teether and Blanket Set, Ten Little Toes, QR 225: The much-loved Sophie the Giraffe is the soothing answer for teething babies.

09. Wooden Shape Sorter, Melissa & Doug, Monoprix, QR 65: A classic wooden education toy that will help develop your baby’s motor skills and can grow with them.

10. Wooden Balance Boat, ELC, QR119: Provides hours of learn and play for baby.

11. Dear Zoo Toy and Book set, Borders, QR87: A great interactive book that introduces animal names and sounds to your little one. This is one of Naomi’s favorite books.

12. Fisher Price Rainforest Playgym, QR340, Mothercare: A lifesaver in keeping infants entertained and giving mama a bit of time to rest.

13. Skiphop Foam Tiles, Just Kidding, QR 375: Foam tiles are essential especially when the baby starts crawling, and this design is not a sight for sore eyes!

14. Suction Placemat, Just Kidding, QR 190: Once the baby starts weaning, they start treating food as part of discovery and play. Prevent massive spill ups with this suction plate.


 1-3 years

Gift Guide for Kids

01. Key Boom-Board, ELC, QR 399: Naomi didn’t want to get out of this key boom seat and watching her sing and dance is enough to make you forget the annoying banging sound and music 😉

02. Zipped Pajamas: Hannah Andersson, QR139: Zipped pajamas are life. Hanna Andersson pajamas are one of my favorites as they have fun prints and matching adult pajamas too!

03. Children’s Cutlery Set, WMF, Tavola, QR 220: We got this set as a gift and we’ve been using it exclusively. Far better than the plastic versions and the cutlery has a nice grip for tiny hands.

04. Kitchen utensils and basket set, IKEA, QR 39 each: Train your little ones to be mini chefs.

05. Play Kitchen, Ikea, QR395: Probably the most beautiful and affordable wooden play kitchen there is. I want to buy Naomi this just so I can customize it for myself.

06. Vehicle Jumbo Knob Puzzle, Melissa & Doug, Monoprix, QR82: Any wooden puzzle from this brand is both fun and educational.

07. My First Scribbler, ELC, QR149: Drawing fun without the mess.

08. Swimmy Rash Guard Suit, Hanna Andersson, QR 95: The best brand I found that makes cute and durable rash guard and swimsuits for toddlers whch you can mix and match.

09. Play&Go Storage bag, Just Kidding, QR 190: This doubles as a storage bag and play mat to keep the mess at bay

10. Cupcake Doll, ELC, QR 89:  Toddlers love baby dolls

11. Cupcake Doll Pram, ELC, QR 72: Almost every toddler I know are obsessed with pushing pram.

12. Step 2 Car, Toys R Us, QR 391: Toddlers and their cars.

13. Bright Toddler Jigsaw and Book Set, W.H Smith: A fun puzzle to play with the parents and to teach little ones colors and words at the same time.

14. Washable Markers with Wacky tips, Jouet Club, QR 39: Coloring made better with these whacky tips.








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