April 16 2015

From pulling off an industry event at work, traveling to Paris and Dubai for the blog, pulling a Dior editorial story, celebrating my blog’s 3rd anniversary, and producing a fashion film, I can say that it has been an incredibly busy month. I also moved house in a matter of two days in between all this. Now that I’ve started getting a breather, I’m finally starting to feel at home in our new house but also felt a bit sad that we left our very first home. Feeling nostalgic about all this, I pulled some pictures from our old house and thought I’d share it with you.

It was our small little piece of heaven, and we’re very proud of the work we’ve done with the house to reflect our personalities. We created a space that we’ll feel at home in and every piece of furniture has a story behind it. I loved (and still does) every inch of the house and the memories we built during our time there from moving in our first furniture to our very first Christmas dinner.

I’m looking forward to creating the same fun memories in our new house that will hopefully include a little additional to our family.

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  • Love your house and the blog off course! Lovely meeting you at FFWD last weekend. Is that a celine pouch I spot there on the wall? xo

    • Hi Samantha!I’ve been following you on Instagram and was lovely to meet you in person (fan alert!), hope to see you more in Dubai. Any chance you’d come to Doha, let me know! And yes, that’s a Celine pouch from their Spring collection 😉

  • Wow I love how vibrant your house is or was I should say I guess. Its so homely! Hope the move went well, and you’ll be settled in in no time x