March 3 2015

I always loved photography. I’m self-taught and strive to better my skills every day through the blog but when you closest friend ask you to photograph their house for a magazine, I felt honored but petrified. I took the assignment to heart as I wanted to capture the spirit of their home and most importantly, their taste and characteristics that I know so well.

Majid and Aziza’s house is warm and inviting. They both have an impeccable eye for vintage treasures and artisan furnitures. Each piece of furniture has a story behind it, whether it’s a reupholstered dining table scored from the souq to a special beaded carpet from India. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a talented artist in the family. Aziza’s beautiful art pieces are showcased around the house and I got the chance to see her work, which was inspiring.

Let me know what you think. You can read more about their house in this month’s Glam Interiors which are on stands now.

Majid Wasi House Tour Doha Qatar 08 Majid Wasi House Tour 03 Majid Wasi House Tour Doha Qatar 07 Majid Wasi House Tour 04 Majid Wasi House Tour Doha Qatar 06 Majid Wasi House Tour01 Majid Wasi House Tour Doha Qatar 05


Photography and Styling by Karen Nicolet


  • I love all the colors and the eclectic feel of the house. Great photos x

  • Majid

    love it Karen— thanks so much — you made our home look prettier– and the cats look adorable… itttttt