October 8 2015


Halloween Strawberries


I’m one of those people that gets excited about the prospect of throwing a Halloween party. I start a Pinterst board with decoration and costume ideas months in advance then gets consumed with how much work it actually entails, cancels the Halloween party and deletes Pinterest board. THE END.

In an effort to do something for Halloween, I wanted to find something very easy and simple to do in case we ended up doing a low-key gathering or get invited to someone else’s party.

Enter Halloween Strawberries.

These no bake and simple strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate looks elegant but with a fun little twist, it can easily be transformed into the perfect Halloween party food. Moms can definitely bring these to their children school’s Halloween party.

Hover below for ingredients and instructions. Halloween Strawberries Halloween Strawberries Halloween Strawberries Halloween Strawberries Halloween Strawberries




1 box of fresh strawberries

8 oz. Good-quality white chocolate for baking (I used Ghirardelli chocolate found in Spinneys and Megamart)

8 oz. Good-quality milk chocolate for baking (I used Ghirardelli brand as well)

1/4 cup miniature  chocolate chips.


1. Wash strawberries and pat them dry with kitchen paper towels.

2. Fill a pan with an inch of water and place it on the stove. Bring to simmer.

3. Place a heat-proof bowl on top of the pan.

4. Cut the white chocolate into smaller pieces and transfer into the bowl.

5. In a low-heat setting, melt chocolate, continuously stirring it to avoid overheating the chocolate. Once you have a runny consistency, take the bowl out of the pan and transfer into a smaller bowl. Repeat the same process for the milk chocolate.

6. Dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate, scraping any excess at the edge of the bowl. Transfer into a tray lined with wax paper.

7. While the chocolate is still soft, press chocolate chips into the coating to form the eyes.

8. Create 2 small piping bag from wax paper and fill those in with the remaining chocolate mixture.

9. Decorate the strawberries by drawing the mouth or creating a Mummy effect by drizzling melted chocolate on top of the chocolate coating.

10. Refrigerate for 5 minutes.


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  • Chocolate coated strawberries are my absolute favourite dessert! I don’t know how many times I’ve hinted to hubby and he hasn’t picked up on that! Haha I think there is something romantic about making someone strawberries coated in chocolate <3 I'm hopeless. By the way love the photos again!