December 4 2016


Noel DIY

A Noel DIY decoration that cost less than QR 100.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I got a little too excited this year that we decorated our house and put up our Christmas tree before Thanksgiving! It’s a bit embarrassing to admit but my friend Vanina shares the same level of enthusiasm for the holiday season as me.

She to me is the queen of DIYs. She can transform a plain looking cactus pot into a bright, colorful decoration for the house. After sharing our plans over texts, we came up with a brilliant idea to do a DIY project to add to our holiday decorations for our houses.

Doing a DIY is one of my favorite holiday activities. It’s fun, relaxing and it brings family and friends together. It’s a great way to spend a lovely afternoon whilst eating cookies and listening to Christmas music.

This time is no different. Vanina and I, together with Naomi spent a relaxed afternoon creating this easy and customizable Noel DIY. The result is far better that what you see in stores and it costs (QR 80 approximately). We utilized supplies we had in our homes and also used whatever bits and bobs I had lying around my house.

Scroll down to see how to make this Noel DIY in 6 easy steps.


Noel DIY

  • Base (QR 6 from Al Rawnaq),
  • NOEL letters (QR 5 each from Al Rawnaq)
  • Christmas tree decoration or baubles (from QR 6-9 each in Carrefour)
  • Acrylic paint (available at Colour Notes)
  • Paint brushes (You can buy cheap ones from Carrefour)
  • Glue gun (available at Al Rawnaq)
  • Sand paper (not pictured)
  • Glitter, if using

Noel DIY

Step 1: Using a sand paper, quickly sand the letters to get rid of the glossy wax. Sanding lets the paint absorb nicely and avoids paintbrush strokes.

Step 2: File the edges to create even and smooth corners.

Noel DIY

Step 3: Get creative and paint the letters. Using a classic red paint, we applied 2 coats of acrylic paint on the letters. We did full colors, stripes and even decorated with washi tape.

Step 4: Glue the letters together using a glue gun. Tip: Experiment and try to see how you’d like the letters to be displayed before gluing.

Noel DIY

Step 5: Once the letters are stuck together and have dried, apply glue on the bottom of the letters and stick it to the base. Before attaching the NOEL letters, make sure you make room and have decided the placement of the surrounding decorations.

Step 6: Get creative! Glue any bits and bobs around the NOEL letters. I used a glittery pine cone and a bird Christmas tree bauble (cut the string), while Vanina decorated hers with pine cones, a Christmas tree bauble, and attached mini pom poms in one of the letters.

And that’s it! It’s ready for display. This Noel DIY is actually durable because we used a glue gun, so it’s worth buying one to make sure it lasts and use for the coming Christmases to come.

Noel DIY

I would love to see your version of this Noel DIY. It’s your turn to make it and post it on social media using the hashtag #ClumsyChicDIY.

For other holiday inspired DIYs, here’s a cute snowman made out of rice and socks, and personalized Christmas tags.


  • Wow!! this is awesome… I hope i could manage get sometime to do Christmas project like this