September 8 2015


Want to my biggest house accomplishment? … Building a whisky bar at home.

This is not a confession of an alcoholic but more about my brilliant idea of building a humble whisky bar right next to our vinyl collection.

build a whisky bar

Anthony and I typically come home about the same time. The highlight of my day is when we both sink in the sofa, unwinding and catching up before we go about the rest of our day. It’s when we pop a vinyl in our record player and fix ourselves a glass of whisky, particularly after a stressful day.

We have a proper bar cart in our dining room and instead of going back and forth for refills especially when we have guests in our living room, we decided to set up a whisky bar in our living room. Genius right?

It saved me many times when I found myself blogging until 1 am. Again, not to sound like an alcoholic but I have a new appreciation for the fine pleasures of life.

build a whisky bar

Here are some of my tips to build a whisky bar at home. I want to point out that this is based on personal preference. We are not at all whisky aficionados

  1. There is a wide range of whisky varieties from all around the world. The most important step is to figure out your taste. Anthony likes peaty whiskies and I generally go for something more rich and fruity. Anthony favorite is Laphroaig and mine is Macallan 12 (not pictured here as the bottle was not available in the shop).


  1. Include a good variety of single malts, blends, bourbon and a few different aged whiskies to satisfy most taste when having guests.


  1. Having the right kind of glassware is key to the whole whisky experience. There is different glassware options for whiskies but thin tumblers will do just fine. We love using these on the rocks glasses complete with a large ice ball mold that makes rolling super easy and enjoyable.


  1. On the rocks or neat? We generally drink our whisky neat and like to put in these whisky stones (makes for a great gift) to cool the whisky without adding any water. For on the rocks, we use one large ice cube that allows the whisky to cool quickly without diluting it.


  1. Our choice of snacks to go with our whisky is this smoky candied nuts that we make a big batch of or rosemary popcorn. I also heard that donuts are good with whisky, which can be a great entertaining idea.

That’s it. Sit back and relax and salut!

Build a Whisky bar


  • Wow Fantastic taste in whiskey!