November 27 2016
Wagamama Qatar Kaizen

Wagamama launched Kaizen concept in Qatar, which is a Japanese word for ‘Good Change’. As someone who is pretty loyal to their fried chicken katsu dish, I was reluctant to this change, but sometimes, change can be good. In this instance, if change means improvement in dishes and services, I’m all on board. Intrigued about the Wagamama’s Kaizen concept? Me too, so I investigated.

Wagamama Qatar Kaizen

Naomi and I go on a weekly mother/daughter date. Lately, our date plans consist of trips to the different malls to shop for Christmas presents. Shopping for Christmas presents is like running a marathon and you need sustenance, but with a baby in tow, sometimes the closest thing I can get as a meal is coffee and donut. I was at Ezdan mall last week and was seriously craving Asian food. I headed straight to Wagamama as I know I’ll have a quick service and a descent Asian meal that’s not laden in MSG.

The Filipino in me loves anything fried chicken with rice and I come to Wagamama to have their fried chicken katsu curry and that is it. I slipped into the restaurant for a quick meal while the baby is asleep and opened the menu to check out their drinks and got distracted by the new dishes, which includes teriyaki lamb and a colorful rice bowl.

I decided to step out of my usual order and go crazy and try their new Kaizen menu (this is the kind of excitement I get in my life right now-haha) – ‘change is good’ and so I tell myself. The wait staff explains the new concept was brought to life after months of researching, refining and improving the dishes and services. The result is a new range of sides, a new omakase section (Chef’s Special Dishes) and better service. I put it to the test.

Wagamama Qatar Kaizen

I love ordering a number of starters in an Asian restaurant (they are often times the highlight of the meal). I ordered the mushroom onigiri and fried calamari (did I already mention I love fried food?) for me and edamame for Naomi. The mushroom onigiri is a new addition to their menu and took number one spot on my favorite appetizer at the restaurant. Think of it as the Asian version of Arancini balls.

After all the appetizers I ate, I settled for something light and fresh for my main course. I love a good rice bowl but this food trend hasn’t quite caught on in Doha, so I was delighted to find donburi in their new Kaizen menu. The dish basically consists of a bowl of steamed rice, with stir-fried meat (either chicken, beef, or prawns) and topped with colorful and fresh vegetables which you can customize to your preference. I went with the chicken teriyaki donburi with a side of kimchee.

Wagamama Qatar Kaizen

And because I’m a good wife and a lazy cook, I ordered a salmon teriyaki soba for take out for hubby dearest. The food travelled well without going soggy and Anthony seemed to have enjoyed it.

After my last visit, I have Wagamama Lagoona Mall on speed dial now and it’s become one of our go-to delivery options here at the Pearl. Food is good, delivery is fast and satisfies my Asian cravings. Yesterday, we ordered a hot coconut curry dish called Kase Loren to have for lunch on a rainy day.

They say change is good and in this instance, improving the service, quality of food and ambience is always a welcomed change. Wagamama restaurant is located in Lagoona Mall and Ezdam Mall.


  • I haven’t been a big fan of wagamama till my boyfriend dragged me there two weeks ago. Like you, he’s very loyal to his beloved fried chicken katsu. I loved the items on their new menu, and I actually had the teriyaki chicken too, now it’s safe to say that they got me hooked!

    • I like your boyfriend already for dragging you there. I love their teriyaki dishes

  • Kathryn

    It’s not somewhere I eat often but I should give it a try. I love that you bought take out too!

    • Definitely try it the next time you have craving for Asian food and I swear the service is fast!

  • I am a fan of Wagamama and now your post has got me hungry!

  • The food looks good! Glad you have an outlet near the Pearl. I am a lzy cook too these days!

  • Sometimes talaga we have to escape to our comfort zones to see what’s more in the other side! 🙂

  • I love their new menu – they’ve definitely surprised us with some interested new additions xxx

    • Right? It’s not just Japanese anymore but more Thai and Chinese inspired too.

  • I need more Wagamama in my life. Hmmmm….noodles

    • That’s what I think overtime I read your blog posts.. hhhhmmmm.. food! haha.

  • Ah!! The food looks so good. I have never been to Wagamama till today 😀 .. But I am glad, that I read your post. Now I know what I should 🙂

    • What?! How could you not. haha. You definitely should try it the next time you have craving for Asian food.

  • The dishes you have tried sounds delicious. And, now am tempted to try!

  • Those dishes looks absolutely delicious. And great that they deliver too.

  • Sally Clark

    Karen I always love your posts and your photography! Your photography especially is so inspiring!!!! ❤️

    • What a compliment coming from you! You’re the food photography talent.

  • First up, I love you as a food blogger. More of this please! Secondly, I was meant to go to the launch of this but couldn’t in the end because of SOphia. Now I’m really regretting it! Take out is definitely on the cards tomorrow evening 🙂

    Polly xx

    • Maybe we should order take out on our next play date. haha.