September 9 2013
Blush Interior Inspirations

When I was single, my bedroom was utterly girly complete with baby pink walls. If I have the liberty of decorating our house now without care for my male companion, I would definitely add a touch of pink in our décor but reality is I’d probably be thrown out if I added even a pink […]


August 30 2013
Week Roundup Template_30 August

There are time when no matter how much energy you poured into something, you’re still left defeated. This was my week when nothing seemed to be working despite my best efforts. Whenever I see myself in this situation, it’s important to take a step back and take notice of the little positive things around you. […]


August 29 2013

This month’s theme is 90s nostalgia and crying at family movies and zombie documentaries. The return of the 90s made me reminiscent of my glorious teenage years, movies I used to watch, music I used to listen to and being able to do 500 sit ups hoping to get Britney Spears abs. This month, I’ve […]


August 15 2013

Last week I found myself curled up under the hot shower bawling because of a bad day I’ve had. My overreaction was uncalled for but I knew it was result of built up emotions that is deeply rooted. Life is a battle growing up. Things were not handed to me easily and had to go […]


August 9 2013

I woke up at 7 am yesterday and realized that I didn’t have to go to work because of Eid and it was the best wake up call ever. It’s been a busy but productive week personally and professionally so I’m glad to get a couple of days off to unwind.  Before I talk about […]


August 2 2013
Week Roundup-1 August

We are one week away from Eid and I’m excited about it but I’m kind of lamenting the end of Ramadan since I got used to my shortened working hours. This week, I put in some effort to do something after work instead of napping as mentioned last week. I enjoyed a leisurely lunch with […]


July 30 2013
clumsy more than chic

My blog revolves around all things fashion, beauty, travel, organization and design. But I am as ‘clumsy’ as ‘chic’ for the most part. I am literally clumsy (bumped my head while opening the fridge), would cause distraction in the house and say stupid things worth quoting. Oh and I like trashy reality shows, celebrity gossips […]


July 26 2013
Week Roundup-25 July

I don’t know what it is about Ramadan period that has ‘non-fasters’ feeling tired a lot. It could be the heat or lack of water but I go through an afternoon slump and wanting to nap all the time. I’m determined to kick this feeling and take advantage of the shortened working hour to hit […]


July 18 2013
Travel Must Do copy

Living in Doha has its perks and disadvantages. One of its many advantages is getting the time to travel and explore new countries but living here also means adapting to a lifestyle change and certain constraints out of respect to the country’s religion and culture. So whenever I get the chance to get away, I […]


July 12 2013
Week Roundup-12 July

I mentioned on my last week roundup post that we spent the weekend in Quebec city. I had such a great time walking around the old town and soaking up the gorgeous weather. My best memory of our weekend getaway was a day spent sitting on the grass, beer in my hand and seeing rock bands […]