August 10 2014
Sk8ter Cover

Shirt: Zara (similar here) | Skirt: Vintage | Shoes: Acne Studios (metallic version here) | Sunglasses: flea market find (Ray-Ban version here)

“He was a boy; she was a girl. Can I make it anymore obvious?”… I sing, channeling Avril Lavigne’s skater girl attitude.

I passed on the necktie and chain belt though and pulled my interpretation of tomboy chic. In this case, it’s midi skirt to get that cool girl wind action and a boxy shirt unbuttoned by the way of Alexander Wang. And I shove this unimpressed emoji shoes in the picture to conceal my childlike excitement of running up and down the slope.

Now, where is my skateboard?… Oh, It’s hanged on the wall as a decorative piece in my house.

Let me just slump on top of the slope and pretend I’m on a break sipping sk8ter’s power food, McDee!

Sk8ter10 Sk8ter Girl08 Sk8ter7 Sk8ter6Sk8ter1

Sk8ter4 Sk8ter11 Sk8ter3

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  • Sophie

    I think the “sport” style is one of your best fitting; that and Rock N’ Roll.
    Also: I love the shades.

    • why thank you! I’ve been experimenting with different looks over the years and I think I’m slowly nailing my look which is yes, sporty rock, if that makes any sense.
      And oh, the best thing about this sunglasses? it’s called CRAP. haha

  • Dima A

    Love midi skirts! and that necklace :)