December 6 2015

Clumsy Chic’s holiday gift guide continues with a holiday gift guide for him.

I personally struggle to find gifts for the men in my life, especially for my husband. I’m not well versed with the latest video releases or what gadgets they’re into now. My approach for holiday gift giving for men is to get them something useful for their everyday lives and something that they wouldn’t think about buying themselves. If you’re friend has started getting into cooking, why not get him a good quality chef’s knife? I also know men hate shopping and getting them something useful and functional like an all-rounder jacket is a great idea. Here are some other gift ideas to choose from.

These items can easily be purchased online but hurry as some websites have a cut off date for shipping.

  1. Wusthof Chef Knife, $140-$200 (Available at Tavola): A chef’s knife is the most essential knife especially for people who are starting to get serious about cooking. This German brand is one of the top range knives out there, it has a comfortable grip and a serious blade for cutting almost anything from vegetables to meat.


  1. Mac Book 3-in-1 Combo Hub USB Port, $35: Don’t you just hate it when MAC releases a new product and then your old devices are not compatible with it anymore (I’m looking at you phone chargers). This 3 in 1 USB hub is compatible with the new Type-C USB Hub for MAC and let’s you connect your old USB port as well as card slot and micro card.


  1. Marshall Stanmore Speaker, $400: Marshall is a prominent brand of speakers known for its heritage of delivering quality sound among the music industry. If you are going to gift someone a speakers, nothing tops this one. The sleek, retro design is an added bonus.


  1. Quicksilver Ridge Backpack, $30: Skip the messenger bag and gift a backpack instead. This one from Quicksilver is an all-rounder bag that can be used for work or on the weekend.


  1. Chemex six-cups coffemaker, $43.50: This is what I call a hipster coffeemaker. The brand promises to deliver the purest flavor experience thanks to its non-porous Borosilicate glass. I included it here because of its non-fuzzy way of making coffee and for its elegant design.


  1. D R Harris Shaving Kit, $195: According to my father-in-law who is a hairdresser (Patrice Salon and Patrice Alexandre), old-fashioned grooming kits and traditional shaving is making a come back. This kit is a good starter kit for gentleman in your life.


  1. 100 Deadly Skills Book, $11: An essential book for men from a retired Navy SEAL that teaches practical skills on how to survive any dangerous situation. Because we seriously need to learn how to immobilize a bad guy and protect us against zombies.


  1. J.Crew Hooded Jacket, $240: An everyday jacket that is both good-looking and functional. It’s water-resistant and has a nylon vest that you can zip in for a warmer option when the temperature drops.


  1. Special Touch Gin Cocktail Infusions, $79: This gin kit lets you create your own gin creation using combinations that work well together. The box also contains instructions for preparing the perfect in Gin & Tonic.


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