December 4 2014

When Karen asked me to put together a christmas gift guide for him last year. I thought it was going to be a one-time thing, but clearly I was wrong. ‘The readers needs some help’, she moaned. Well then, your Christmas superhero ‘Santhony’ is here to save the day!

Men are the hardest people to give gifts too because we don’t know what we want and we also don’t want anything for the most part. Here, I’ve rounded up 9 gift ideas that are not your typical video games, perfume, or wallet gifts. They range from grooming, fashion, technology and mixology. I relied on to look for these items, because there are very limited choices for men here in Doha.

Hope you find inspiration for the men in your life. I personally wouldn’t mind receiving all of them (please tell my wife).

  1. Death & Co- Cocktail Book, $30: This is a manly cocktail book complete with beautiful vintage imagery that would make you want to be a proper bartender.


  1. Breaking Bad Complete DVD series, $255: Relive all the intense moments and get hooked with Breaking Bad one more time this holiday season.


  1. Scottevest Revolution Jacket, $175: This is the ultimate practical jacket for men. It’s perfect for traveling without having to have a carry-on. You can even fit your iPad and other bits and bobs.


  1. Co Bigelow Body Wash, $20: Make your guy stop using your floral body wash and get him his own. I personally like this body wash for its awakening smell and tingly feeling.


  1. Gramavox, $400: A beautifully crafted speaker design that produces the sound of a gramophone. Vintage mixed with modernity for the music lover.


  1. Cards Against Humanity, $25: This is not something new but still one of the most fun card games out there.


  1. Ascot & Chapels Tailor-made Shirts, from $130: Make your man look good and help him handpick a customized shirt tailored to perfection. It’s surprisingly affordable too. Ascot & Chapels is located at The Pearl-Qatar.


  1. Jack Spade Bacon Money Clip, $68: Men love bacon and men like money clips. Forego the expensive money clips or wallet and get him this one instead.


  1. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses, $50: unique tequila glasses made out of the highest quality, food grade pink salt. Classy, pretty and tasty, this will get the party going in no time.


  • Anthony

    Better get your shopping act together girls!

    Christmas is around the corner.